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Large construction projects, such as Cortina, invariably provide a positive financial impact to the local and surrounding communities. There are certain elements of project construction costs that are typically spent locally. These types of costs may include fuel (both on and off road), equipment parts and repairs, direct employment residents, any number of miscellaneous services and supplies, major purchases, housing and other temporary living costs, as well as work performed by local contractors. A local business office would exist within the area for the entire construction.

For the development of Cortina, these costs projected to be spent locally would likely be several million dollars over a two and a half year period. In addition to those monies spent with local vendors and services, there would also exist a portion of the salestax for every taxable purchase made on the project that would go directly to the local municipalities. There is also the potential for savings to the County and non-Rancheria residents based on the capacity of the County to contract Cortina for disposal of municipal solid waste generated.