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During the construction phase of Cortina, the project will directly employ up to fifty people at any one time and generate approximately 135,000 manhours of employment. This equates to approximately 850 man-months or 70 man-years of employment all within the county. Invariably some of these employees will be local residents. Due to the remote nature of the project, some non-residents who are employed by Cortina will require temporary housing and incur other living expenses. These jobs will span the range of site preparation, excavation and lining of the landfill, roadway reconstruction and development of the required operations facilities.

Many aspects of the work would be contracted to specialty contractors. Where at all possible these contracts would be offered to regional, qualified, competitive contractors. Wherever practical, all contractors, either local or regional, will be encouraged to maximize the hiring of local residents. To the extent that workers temporarily reside in the County, a portion of the monies earned will be circulated within the local economy and increase business opportunities. Additionally, job opportunities will be available during operation and closure of Cortina.

While it is difficult to estimate the number of local and non-local residents that may be employed at this time, employment and the corresponding economic benefits to the local communities will continue throughout the life of Cortina.