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Legal, physical, and financially feasible considerations, as well as alternative uses and market considerations have been analyzed to evaluate the highest and best use of the property. Based on this analysis, Cortina’s highest and best use “as improved” is for use of the property for construction, management, and operation of a regional municipal solid waste storage and recovery facility servicing Colusa and surrounding Counties. (Ribacchi-Weck Appraisal, September 2003)

The Rancheria is relatively isolated in the southwest corner of Colusa County, however, it is still in close proximity to Inter State 5 and State highway 20 which serve the north-central area of California and San Francisco approximately 2 hours away.

In addition to its optimal location and ability to serve the growth in the Sacramento valley, the project will provide long-term revenue to the Cortina Band along with socioeconomic development and employment opportunities for Band members. Colusa County will benefit through an economic boom for the region, employment benefits to the county and meeting its long term waste needs.